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Recent Comments

  • The information contained in your mail was immensely pleasing on two counts..... - Shri. K. Vanamali


Recent Comments

  • Very nice. beautiful, excellent work by the future archakas. Next time pl. arrange one vidhanam inside the chapparam.
    - Shri. R. Padmanabhan
  • Thank you for message and appreciate students of Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam has exhibited their devotion to Lord Krishna.
    - Smt. Rukmani Sarangapani

Recent Comments

  • this timely awareness programme is very useful to all.... - Shri. Chakrapani Ranganathan
  • very nice and very happy
    - Shri. Srinivasan Jagannathan [FB]
  • Great information
    - Shri. Kasthuri Rangan
  • suppero supper
    - Shri. Rajaram Alamelu
  • My heartful thanks to you, .... - Smt. Preethi Venkat
  • Dear Sir, You indeed do a great service to the humanity.... - Shri. T S Shrinivaasan
  • Very well done. Thanks for sharing,
    - Shri. Vadagarai Sudarsanamn
  • Nice to see your Exhibition fotos at BHEL-Trichy,.... - Mudumbai Shri. Raghavan