firefoxSrimaan Bhattar Kuzham (SBK)

SBK caters to the need of the ever engaged and time-bereft youngsters. Spiritual classes are conducted for less than an hour everyday at SriKooratazhwan sannidhi, Parasara Bhattar thirumaaligai Srirangam. They are held at mornings and evenings. Divya-Prabandham, Vedam, stotras, Ramayana shlokas and chronicles, music, computer skills,yoga,Sanskrit are imparted to girls and boys. In addition, the students of SBK are made to participate in spiritual dramas, debates, oratorical competitions, elocution and social service. Honing their skills in SBK has amply helped the existing students in their academics too.

With the advent of English education, our Sampradic education has only witnessed set backs. This age-old tradition comprising of the Vedas, Divya Prabandhams, Puranas, Ethihases (Epics) and Other ocean of intellectual knowledge not describable within the ambit of words, is now on the verge of extinction ! What do we do to stop this retardation? How are we going to revive the most ancient tradition? How will India get its true colour? A Comprehensive Solution to the above mixture of questions is 'SRIMAAN BHATTAR KUZHAM'. SBK is a school imparting high-quality education. What do we teach? The list goes endless:-

  1. VEDAS : We teach Saptha Kandas as well as Upanishads. The meanings of Certain passages are also taught.
  2. DIVYA PRABANDHAM : Known as the Tamil Vedas, they are considered the elixir of a SriVaishnavite's Life! WE HAVE EXPERTS FOR TEACHING DIVYA PRABANDHAM who are also at service in Sri Renganatha's temple. THE METHOD OF TEACHING adopted by us is VERY UNIQUE and helps memorizing the texts easily and quickly.
  3. STHOTRAS : The nectar filled words of our acharyas like Ramanuja, Parasara Bhattar, Vedanta Desikan etc., are taught to our students. We have also INVITED EXPERTS FROM OTHER REGIONS to stay in Srirangam and teach our Students with ABSOLUTE CLARITY AND PERFECT PRONOUNCIATION.
  4. UPANYASAMS / RELIGIOUS DISCOURSES: This is the most unique feature of SBK. All the Children are infused with discoursing knowledge. This apart from increasing their knowledge, also paves way for excellent communication & inter-personal skills.
  5. ARTS AND SKILL-SETS : The Special talents of Children are recognized and honed by S.B.K. We conduct SINGING, RANGOLI, GARLAND-WEAVING, GARDENING AND COMPUTER AND VARIOUS INNOVATIVE CLASSES. EACH MONTH, A NEW SKILL SET IS TAUGHT AND MASTERED BY OUR STUDENTS. This feature of SBK clearly distinguishes it from other Philosophical schools.

WE DO NOT RESTRICT OUR TEACHING TO MERE PHILOSOHPY AND SPIRITUALITY. OUR SBK IS THE PIONEER IN MORAL EDUCATION: Mere textual and conceptual knowledge makes life incomplete. Lord Ranganatha showers his grace on those who have imbibed the great virtues exhibited by our Acharyas like kindness, patience, devotion, respect, humanity, empathy. Hence, we conduct 'VALUE INFUSION SESSIONs' by inviting practitioners of Srivaishnava tenets / principles.

Our Salient Features:-

  1. SBK shelters 150 disciplined, obedient and highly refined students.
  2. Srivaishnavam is not bound by caste, creed or sex. Its boundaries are beyond the horizon ! So, we teach students from all caste and sex. Absolute dedication and devotion is the only qualification required to join SBK.
  3. Excellent teaching of Vedas, Divya Prabandhams, Stotras, Upanyasama, Skill - Sets like Computer Operations, memory techniques, gardening, garland - making and other innovative staffs.
  4. Dedicated Staff working 24x7 [365 days a year].
  5. Calm, quiet and conducive atmosphere for conducting the classes.
  6. Convenient timings for school-goers, college students and office-goers.
  7. Free Personality development classes every fortnight.
  8. Free Yoga Classes by experts.