firefoxSrimaan Bhattar Gurukkulam (SBG)

Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam is an unique free fully residential school. A child of SBG spends half a day quenching his spiritual thirst by learning Diya-prabandham, vedam, stotras, aagamas and the other half mastering English, science, math ,geography and loukeeka skills. Ultimately, these students will become authentic experts in above fields.

The aim of the Gurukulam is to create persons who stand on their own legs for their livelihood and also immerse themselves in Bhagavat Bhagavatha kainkaryams in full swing.Thus, divya-desams bereft of people to serve the Lord will have enthusiastic persons serving Lord throughout their life. At the end of the course, each student will teach 100 persons residing in a divya-desams and serving Divya-Desa Emperumaan and earn his livelihood through specialized loukeeka skills. The students of Bhattar Gurukulam prepare themselves to face the tough world with the mighty spiritual dagger!

Activities: At Kattumannar Koil | Navarathri | A Donor's day out! | Workshop | Brahmotsavam | Prize distribution at Thiruvellarai | Nutrition on every gulp | DivyaPrabhandha Exam 2011