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Time well spent

Kainkarya Vandhanam1 Kainkarya Vandhanam2

Time is a valuable resource made available to us for a specific duration of time. Its value is well recognized by several intellectuals. There are several prescriptions for judicious use of this limited resource. Yet, the best laid plans fall apart in the face of the swiftness and uncertainty of the world.

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Discourse @ Mumbai - 29th Nov to 1st Dec.

Mumbai Discourse

SriBhagavat Ramanuja Siddantha Prachar Sabha, Mumbai, has been propagating SriVaishnava Sampradayam in Maharashtra.

This Sabha has invited our Founder Acharya, SriParasara Badrinarayana Bhattar Swamy to deliver a series of discourse at various places in Mumbai beginning the 29th (Friday) of this month till December 1st (Sunday). The invitation detailing the places and topics can be viewed in the link.

All Bhaagavathas in Mumbai are requested to avail this opportunity of being part of the Sathsangam.

Unfolding before you this 10th...

Annual Day

We often think we draw only spiritual/ Vaidika messages and lessons from temples. It may seem so but a better insight would change our perspective. But when it comes to Srirangam temple, a lot can be drawn explicitly even in loukeeka aspects of life.

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Online free classes for children ! Register !

Shri Manavala Mamunigal (Varavaramuni), the last Acharyah in the venerable galaxy of Srivaishnava preceptors lived a life of humility and devoted service to the SriRamanuja darsanam. The time swamy was nearing the end of his divine tenure on earth, he kept at the kainkaryams unrelenting. With utmost difficulty, he wrote on the Palm sheets (olai). Seeing him at work with the pen and paper, his close sishyas Sri Koil Annan swamy and Sri Prathivadhi Bhayankaram Annan swamy prayed at his feet thus "Oh! Acharyah! Thou hast spent an entire life working for our salvation. Now that old age and its infirmities pose impediments in Your effort, why take the trouble to pen down? Why not stop?" SriMamunigal called them close since he could not converse in a loud tone. He said "It is not for you that I am slogging. It is for the salvation of your children and grandchildren and the future generations that I am using my last remaining energy."

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Prahlada's classroom...


In Sri Vishnu Puranam, Prahlada teaches Hiranya on what constitutes education and what constitutes enterprise.

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