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The King VeeraSundaraBrahmaRaayan was the sishya of SriParasara Bhattar who was an illustrious star in the galaxy of Srivaishnava preceptors. The King had great love for the Lord of Srirangam and had taken up many kainkaryams of the Lord. One day it occurred to him that certain walls were to be raised to protect a praakaara of the Srirangam temple. He at once took up the task. But he found the thirumaaligai (house) of SriPillai Pillai Azhwan, sishya of SriKoorathazhwan on whose lap SriAzhwan shed his mortal coil before ascending to SriVaikuntam,obstructing the path of the wall to be built. He at once decided to collapse the house since the wall kainkaryam was far more important to protect the Lord than leaving the house of a person untouched.

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SriNamazhwar, while describing the Lord of Tiruvanantapuram , hails the archakas as "Poosanai seigindrargal, punniyam seidhavare!" meaning "They perform pooja to Lord Anantha, since they have amassed Punyam". The Namboodri families have been uncompromising in protecting the Vedas and customs of Sanathana dharma. Sri Govindan Namboothri lives up to the family tradition.

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Eyes that create...


The King mounts a mighty elephant. The elephant is bedecked in the best ornaments. The King glitters in the glaze of ornaments beautifying his body. And slowly, he strolls around the streets. The pauper looks on. He has nothing to match the mighty, all powerful and enormously rich King. Even if a small pearl leaves its place in the assemblage of ornaments on the Elephant and falls to the ground and reaches the hand of the pauper, he can live his life ever happily. The pauper has one thing to match the King though. He opens his mouth and smiles from the beginning of the King’s journey till its end exhibiting the sparkling array of well brushed teeth!!

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Etched in the minds...


The Lord of this Universe, Srimannarayana pervades the entire creation. As Namazhwar puts it "Udal misai uyirena karandhu yengum parandhu ulam", the Lord is everywhere and the entire chit (sentinents) & Achit (non-sentitent) are his shareeram (body).

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Courage in every cell....

Blind School Trip

One attribute we all possess in various degrees is to brood over the negatives in our life. Though the negatives are negligible, our mind magnifies it to an extent that the positives seem like small fishes in an ocean of negative circumstances, negative traits etc.

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Celebrated at the foe's camp - End (+ Thondin aaradhanai)

In Gita Bhashya, Swami Ramanuja says, "niradisaya-saundarya-sausilyadi-guṇagaṇa-aviṣkareṇa akrura-malakaradin parama-bhagavatan kṛtva". Lord Krishna transformed the likes of Akrura and Malakara into Bhagavatas by means of His innumerable auspicious attributes. His divine form and His auspicious attributes arrest the attention of the senses and capture the mind. Finding nothing more beautiful, more auspicious and more blissful, finding no reason to complain due to complete absence of blemish, the mind is made to rest in one place and serves the good for man.

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Celebrated at the foe's camp - II ( continued........)

For the worst of things, the mind is perfectly capable of reasoning clear justifications on why it needs to engage with them. It is a masterful deceiver who is always right and never in the wrong. It is believing of all that it likes and likes to convince with effortless ease. Disorder is its order when it is in its prime. Its fancies predate its reasons and create an illusion of reasoned action.

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Celebrated at the foe's camp.... - I

Turn on the lights in the room and the moth would rush towards the light. Turn the light off and light the small lamp; the moth would rush to the lamp abandoning the light. Turn on the lights in a different room and the moth will rush towards it. It is complete delight for the kids whose “experiments with the moth” lead to great satisfaction.

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