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The Precious Praise !!

Summer Spiritual Camp 2014

All parents spend their lives for their children. Every penny, every drop of sweat, every strain and pain are borne by the parents for the children. Unfortunately, not all children realize this till parenthood embraces them. But by that time, the parents go beyond the realms of receiving their gratitude.

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Jaya Year Guide...

Jaya Year Guide

With the divine grace of the divine couple, the annual Info diary of Srimaan Trust (Jaya Year, 2014-15) has got released on 15th June 2014 at Sriranga Vilas Mandapam before the scholars of Srirangam. Each year the diary carries the temple lovers seek their temple destinations easily (the utsava details inside and outside Thiruvarangam in diary) and panchanga matters in unique pictorial format. Other than this, this year we have come up with important tips to be followed each individual for healthy living and some of the points from Ahara Niyamam of Shri. Vedhantha Desikan.

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Parents Festival
Clockwise from top: 1. The Welcome Banner 2. A baloon game 3.Lemon juice game 4. Shape designing game

How will it feel if we went to school with our children and tried all their activities?Will it not be fun and at the same time a gainful experience. The "Parent's fest"at Acharyah was one such event where we wanted the Parent's to spend some hours in chanting the names of the Lord through games and these games were picked up from the curriculum of the children of Acharyah. The parents too would strength their association. The following were some competitive games played :

  • Lighting Lamp - with chanting "Mahalakshmi Namosthuthe"
  • Arrow throwing at aim - with chanting "Jai SriRam"
  • Blowing baloon - with "HariHari" chanting
  • Blindfolding and trying to decorate Elephant's forehead with Srichoornam
  • Blindfolding and preparing Lemon Juice - chanting "Govinda Govinda"
  • Colour Grading
  • Divya desa Tambola Game - where everyone learns all divya desa names

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