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Sathsang July 2014

The Kings of legend were men who cared for their subjects. It is often mentioned that they took strolls incognito around the streets and eavesdropped conversations among the public and took measures to rectify mistakes in the administration or deliver justice to the weak.

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True blossom...

Notebook distribution 2014

For a flower to blossom beautifully, we need to add water to the plant. If we add drain to the plant, the bloom would be unhealthy and unattractive.

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Jaya ! Jaya ! SriSudarshana !

Thiruvazhi Azhwan Thirunakshatram 2014

SriSudarshanar's thirunamam is broken as Su+ darshan – the one showing the right path. Sri Sudarshana azhwan is celebrated by the Indian tradition as the shower of the right path of life. He illuminates existence. He bestows health and wealth. In each avatharam of Srimannarayana, SriSudarshanar accompanies the Lord as His asthram in different garbs. In Srivaishnava sampradayam, SriSudarshanar is considered far more important for the reason that this powerful deity helped save the Lord of Srirangam itself during an unprecedented flood at Cauvery! Several Acharyas were saved from the clutches of ill-health by the Divine Grace of Sudarshanar.

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Being genuine...

SBG Exams 2014
SBG Exams 2014
SBG Exams 2014

After our days of schooling, we are seldom tested by people with genuine concern. Our bosses at office test us with a view to find a fault and re-establish their supremacy and hold over us. Our colleagues test us with a view to pinpoint our fault and gain a moral hold over us. But what is it at school? The school wants us to do well.

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