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Shabari Ashramam...A new beginning.

Anu Yagam Dec 2013


If the Supreme Being is to be described in a word, we can call Him a Magician. If the world visible to our eyes is not enough to prove his touch of magic, then His descendance to our land and the acts of pure amazement staged by Him will convince us of the inexhaustible reserve of magic in His possession.

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Sending Brahma into raptures.....

Anu Yagam Dec 2013 Veedhi Pradhakshanam - Kaisika Ekadhasi 2013

Glory of Srirangam :

"Kaveri Viraja Seyam, Vaikuntam Ranga Mandiram,
Sa Vasudeva: Rangesa: Pratyaksham Paramam Padam
Vimaanam Pranavaakaram vedashringam mahathbhutam
Srirengashayee Bhagavaan Pranavaartha Prakashaka:"

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Executive - Spiritual Diary 2014 - Buy now!

Spiritual Executive Diary 2014

This year, our Trust has come out with the novel concept of Executive-Spiritual Diary.

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