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Truth at dagger tip

Thirumangaiazhwar Sannidhi

What is Punyam and what is paapam? It is usually explained in saamanya dharma (general ethical law) that punyam is doing good and paapam is doing wrong. But in life we land up in so many complex situations that the mere simple definition is very hard to decipher and apply. What do we do in such circumstances? In such situations, our sole reference is the life of the Lord Himself and the lives of the Azhwars and Acharyas. The latter are better than Sarveshwaran since they lived a life similar to what we live today. And most of them were of our own ilk.

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Thondin Aradhanai 2013-14

Thondin Aradhanai 2013-14

When Emperuman incarnated as Varaha taking the form of a giant boar and reclaimed earth from the ocean of deluge, Bhoomi Pirattiyar requested Emperuman to suggest a simple path for the mortal beings in this samsara, which could be followed by them to reach the Supreme abode (Sri Vaikuntam). Varaha Emperuman revealed the upayam of surrendering to Him and performing kainkaryam (performing activities for His pleasure) and nama sankirtanam (singing His holy names) as the means to reach Him. Bhoomi Pirattiyar revealed this message through the Thiruppavai prabandham when she incarnated as Sri Godha Devi. Sri Andal imagines Herself to be an inmate of Vrindavan and performs a vratham during Margazhi month. Thus margazhi (Margaseersha) is a celebrated month. Moreover, the term Margaseersha also means "The esteemed path". It is during this month, we get to realize the esteemed path to attain Emperuman shown to us by Sri Andal Nachiyar.

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6 Thiruppavai upanyasams...

Margazhi 2013-14

When we wish to attain a certain end, it is for us to put a foot forward, make that crucial leap, tread that tedious path and bear all the hardships. The germination of a wish in our mind is only the beginning. This is how the normal world functions. But in the world where we realize and regard the presence of Srimannarayana, laws change. The wishes of Bhakthas are taken up by the Lord for execution.

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Thiruvarangam Winter Camp - Dec25 to Jan1

Margazhi is a special month for all since it has been profoundly celebrated by our ancestors.

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Annual Day and Prize Distribution Function (SBK,SBG,ST) - II

Annual Day 2013

Dancing on the hoods of a snake...

During his childhood days, Kannan Emperuman performed various extraordinary feats. One of them is Kalinga Narthanam, His dance over the hoods of the five-headed serpent Kalinga (Kaliya). Oothukadu Venkata kavi has composed a thillana depicting this dance by Kannan Emperuman. The students of SBK performed a dance for this thillana during the annual day programme.

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Annual Day and Prize Distribution Function (SBK,SBG,ST) - I

Annual Day 2013

Even though nature is inherently ever-enchanting, its beauty becomes evident only during the spring season. That is the time when nature presents itself to us in an enchanting form. Similarly, the activities and functioning of our trust (Srimaan Trust - ST) is a continuous process, fuelled by the grace of Emperuman and Acharyas, taken forward by the efforts of numerous kainkayaparars. Even the activities of the trust are showcased to everyone during the annual day programme and other landmark events like how spring season brings out the beauty of nature. The annual day for the current year was celebrated on November 10, 2013.

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