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Dharma Upanyanam

The word upanayanam means to bring near. A child, who reaches the age where his mind settles for streamlined learning (usually 7), is introduced to Supreme Knowledge. He is sent on a mission to know reality, to know oneself and to know the Resident Being within the self. This mission is grandly inaugurated with the sacred thread ceremony. Just as a bird has two births, one from the mother as an egg and then breaking out of the egg, a thrai varnikas have two births, one from the womb of the mother and another from the womb of illusion (Maya of the Supreme).

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THREE MORNING TREATS (60 and 09)....


Two excellent discourse series on important aspects of Srivaishnavism are being broadcast on two television channels.

  1. Sri U.Ve.Dr.M.A.Venkatakrishnan swamy Inline image 4discourses under the title "NAAL THORUM NAALAYIRAM" (Nalayiram each day) at 7.05 a.m on Podhigai TV from Mon-Fri.
  2. "108 DIVYA-DESA VAIBHAVANGAL" on Pudhu Yugam channel at 6.30am on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Sri E.S.Satajith Inline image 5 throws glimpses of SriRamayanam at 7.15am on Vendhar TV from Mon-Fri.

All aasthikas are requested to listen to the discourses and get benefitted.


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A call for Raama-rajya!

A call for Rama Rajya
An inspiring image of Srirama and entourage – Bhadrachalam

From the days of childhood, each one of us has always looked out for guidance in one form or the other. Be it to play a game, work out an arithmetic problem or read books, some guiding force is always expected to show the correct and best path. The craving for guidance is far higher when we reach the brink of adulthood where options in life pour in and the feeling of responsibility and moral maturity is high. No doubt our parents and elders always guide us. But it is in the nature of humans to carry impressions, prejudices and make wrong judgements which may distort their guidance. Who then is the best guide? The Lord Himself. Each avatharam is meant to drive a point to the earthlings. And among them, the one avatharam solely meant to turn a beacon light for the ocean of humanity is SriRamavatharam. Each stage of the avatharam left clues for humans to follow in their day to day life. The Kalyana Gunas exhibited by LordRama, the beautiful relationship with His father, mother, aunts, brother, Seethapiratti, the subjects of Ayodhya, the rishis of the forest, the vanaras of Kishkinda, the foes and all other acquaintances are live examples of how we need to behave and treat each person in our life. The quests for dharma, the path of righteousness are meant for our practice.

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Discovering One's Identity - II

Vidwath Vandhanam Vidwath Vandhanam

While this holds good for the self, how ironic then that more desirous of the identity of subservience is the Lord Himself! Who could He be subservient to, from whom all are manifest, by whom they are sustained and into whom they lapse into? But by His supreme will and abundant love for His devotees, He lets Himself to become subordinate to His devotees. While the self gains himself through subordination to Nārāyaṇa, it is as if Nārāyaṇa gains Himself through subservience to His devotees.

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Discovering One's Identity - I

One of the marks of a Srivaishnava is the lapse of his personal artificial identity in his true nature of servitude or śeṣatva. At this stage, the Srivaishnava gives up his temporary qualifiers gained from birth and adopts the dāsya nāma. Thus, we come across the common names of Rāmānujadāsa, Śrīvaiṣṇava dāsa and Śrīnivāsadāsa among Srivaishnavas.

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