Acharyah, The School for Leaders

Acharyah is an absolutely groundbreaking school based on Montessori methodology of teaching .It is the first school to have fused vedic studies with Montessori system. The Trust aims to bring all acharya purusha children and other Srivashnava children under the roof of Acharyah.

The products of Acharyah school will be masters in all spheres. They would possess the knowledge to lead the world and shape the fortune of our country. The world would have never witnessed such persons who possess in-depth knowledge of all worldly affairs but retain their spiritual purity. They will be trained to empower Bhaaratha desam both economically and spiritually.

Acharyah is a place where the children

  • Will be taught Ubhaya Vedanta.
  • Will be taught all the Anushtanas.
  • Will grow with the Atma gunas seen in Poorvacharyas
  • Will learn multiple languages in order communicate the sampardayic values to the world.
  • Girls will be specialized in Ganam. Natyam, Cooking, Sthree Dharma and will learn all the sampradayic knowledge that is required for them to enlighten their children and other family members.
  • Acharyah is a place where the children will also learn sufficient lowkeekam based on sampradayam.

Why lowkeekam ?

  • The so called Prabala Pramanam of our sampradayam "the Chatur Vedas" have 101 lowkeekic illustrations, stories and examples. WHY?
  • All our Azhwars Pasurams have lots and lots of lowkeekic examples. WHY?
  • All the Vyakyanams of our Acahryas have lowkeekic examples. WHY?
  • Swamy Emperumanar learnt Sirpha Sasthram and many other lowkeekic aspects which were required for he Kainkaryam (like Divya Desa rakshanam).
  • Kanchi Mahavidwan Pradhivadhi Bhayankaram Annangarachariar Swami, Ubhaya Vedhantha Vidwan Authority person for our sampradaya knew to read write and speak effectively in more than 5 languages. Upanyasakar in 4 languages. Swamy learnt Lowkeekam. WHY?
  • Satabishekam Govinda Narasimhachariar swamy knew sufficient amount of engineering. This helped him to completely renovate Azhwar Thirunagari temple, Thenthiruperai temple and also Manavala MamunigaL Sannidhi (Srirangam).


If we have to enlighten the samsaris who are drowned in lowkeekam, we must learn lowkeekam at least to relate things and make them understand our sampradayam. That is why vedas or azhwars or acharyas or vidwans needed lowkeekam.

  1. In this science and technology era, i need to know considerable amt of lowkeekam at least to reach people.
  2. At least to tell spiritual knowledge is the ultimate knowledge and complete lowkeekic knowledge is Asaaram.
  3. People who have acquired only vaideeka knowledge (due to Prakruthi) some times get fascinated towards lokeekam with out knowing there is nothing special in that and hence it is better they learn lowkeekam also.
  4. Today's Acharya purushas have to be self sufficient. If People don't know who god is, how will they know who acharyan is, how will they support the Acharyan financially. Till we bring a gradual change in the society every Acharya Purusha should be self sufficient and cannot depend on the sishyas.
  5. More over the Acharya Purushas themselves want their offspring to learn lowkeekam (for any reason). If I have to bring up the future generation of these Acharya Purushas in the right direction, i need to somehow attract them and hence I require lowkeekam.