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Deepavali phase 1 & 2 ended well in wondered manner Deepavali phase 3 celebrations - Srimaan Trust's service to humanity in spiritual ways is ceaseless. As usual this year also Srimaan Trust arranged to issue Sweet and Savory pockets (prasadham of Sri.Koorathazhwan) to 1)Blind men and women association. 109 members given dress and savories. Their joy shone in their innocent smile. 2)The Orphanage Rehabilation Centre - Place for Elderly, Children,Orphans & Disabled Persons – 60 Members Given Dress, Sweet & Savory Pockets - Their Life is a Lesson to Society.

Diwali Celebration

Srimaan Trust celebrated Deepavali Kondattam – Phase-I by distributing dresses to all gurukulam kids, kainkaryaparars, employees.(See our Phase-I) SRIMAAN TRUST'S DEEPAVALI KONDATTAM PHASE-2 celebrations. On the occasion of Deepavalli, Sweets and Savouries were prepared and offered to Lord Narasimha and Sri Koorathazhwan at Swami Koorathazhwan Sannidhi. Prasadams sincerely packed by our volunteers, gurukulam kids, acharyah school students and distributed to MELUR VILLAGE SCHOOL, EAST RENGA MIDDLE SCHOOL, ARANGANAYAKI SCHOOL, DEVI SCHOOL students and teachers.

Srimaan Trust

Recognition is the greatest motivator which makes us to strive hard towards success. Being recognised is a great pleasure to experience, that too when it is done in a big stage among August gathering. Our *Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam students- A Unit of SRIMAAN TRUST* would've experienced this when they were *recognised and honoured with a certificate*,for successful completion of *Sri Paancharatra Agama*, in the big stage of *National conference on Sri Paancharatra Agama*, held at *Srirangam* on *11th- 13th Oct, 2017* in the presence of our founder *Sri. U. Ve. Parasara Badri Nayarayana Bhattar Swami* and *PAANCHARATRA AGAMA adhyapakar, Therezhundhur Sri. Raman Battachar swami*. Our students are able to perform *Homam, Thiruvaradhanam, Bhrahmothsavam, pavithrothsavam, Samprokshanam* and they're performing various kainkaryam at various *temples* at *Thirucherai, Thiruvellakkulam (Annan Kovil), Therezhundhur, Vishakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Bangalore, Kumbakonam etc*

Diwali Celebration

*Deepavali Phase 1* celebrations ended well in wondered manner. Every year Srimaan Trust arranges distribution of Dresses for Deepavali, but this year it was arranged in a big way. Dresses were distributed to all Gurukulam kids, kainkaryaparars and employees of *“Srimaan Trust”.* ```_PHASE 2 CELEBRATIONS WILL BE HELD SHORTLY_```

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  • Very nice. beautiful, excellent work by the future archakas. Next time pl. arrange one vidhanam inside the chapparam.
    - Shri. R. Padmanabhan
  • Thank you for message and appreciate students of Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam has exhibited their devotion to Lord Krishna.
    - Smt. Rukmani Sarangapani

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